Erin Heger

Erin Heger is an AFFA Certified Personal Trainer that is passionate about health and fitness. She is a mother of three that moved from Colorado shortly after graduating high school and getting married. Erin has been an active stay at home mom that loves the outdoors, hiking Glacier National Park and competing in Spartan Races. She struggled with low self-esteem and being the “skinny girl” in school, but one might say her first Spartan Race inspired her to be more than the “skinny girl.”She had the desire to become strong and She began training hard which lead to her passion in starting a career in fitness and helping others to achieve their goals and find the confidence in themselves. Erin hopes to move beyond Spartan Races and one day compete in a Ninja Warrior competition.

Erin focuses on HIIT. She loves this approach because it incorporates cardiovascular exercise training with resistance training. It works well to obtain quick results and can be individually tailored to each client’s need.

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High Intensity Interval Training -"HIIT"

If you want a good sweat session this is it! This is a quick half hour workout that will leave you drenched. Who has the time to spend hours on a cardio machine when you can get in, get your workout done and get out. We do everything from ropes, to sleds, to lots of core, agility and burpees galore. Learn the proper form on squats and other exercises to! Training for a spartan race?? This is the perfect class for you! All abilities are welcome, from beginners to athletes, so come join this intense fun filled HIIT class and get your sweat on!

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